Whether, you live in Pittsburgh, Western Pennsylvania, or anywhere else in the United States, your driver’s license is very important to your every day life and your ability to earn a living.  Most of us use our driver’s license to get to and from work, or to drive for work in jobs that require Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDL’s). Therefore, it is very important to protect your driver’s license as much as possible.

Some Traffic Offenses in Pennsylvania are minor criminal offenses and are treated as “No Big Deal.”  As such, people often admit guilt and pay fines without understanding their rights or the ramifications of their actions.  However, some traffic offenses will suspend your driver’s license immediately, and others will suspend your driver’s license if you are found guilty of the same offense more than once.

Similarly, certain traffic offenses will suspend or revoke your CDL. The following is a small list of crimes in Pennsylvania that will suspend your driver’s license or CDL if you are convicted.

  • Accumulation of points from multiple speeding tickets
  • Failing to respond to a citation
  • Being caught driving on an already suspended license
  • Accepting ARD for certain crimes
  • Refusing chemical/blood testing in DUI situations
  • A conviction of reckless driving
  • A conviction of certain careless driving crimes
  • A conviction of Underage Drinking
  • A conviction of a DUI
  • A conviction of a traffic offense while driving with your CDL

Depending on your specific case, your driver’s license may be suspended for as little as 30 days to a permanent suspension. Because your driver’s license is so important, you need to contact a Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorney regardless of your citation or charge. Experienced attorneys like those at our firm will take the time to speak with you about your charges and explain your options. Give my office a call at (412) 209-0657.