Being a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania does not mean that I only help people charged with crimes who live in Pittsburgh.  My criminal defense practice expands throughout Allegheny County and Western Pennsylvania.  I also provide criminal defense to visitors of Pittsburgh, Tourists, and Students of our many colleges and universities.  I have been hired by families and individuals from West Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey, Maryland, etc. to help them through the often confusing criminal defense process.

As an experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer, I have a traveled to many of the Magistrate Offices in Allegheny County and I know and understand the local rules and procedures.  How your criminal case progresses may depend on the type of crime, the specific facts in your case, and the surrounding area where you were charged.  A drug possession case may be dealt with differently in Sewickley than in Turtle Creek.  The Magistrates who cover the Universities may be harsher on Underage Drinking than a Magistrate in the South Hills.  Under the local rules of Allegheny County, certain traffic offenses make you ineligible for ARD when you are charged with a DUI in Pittsburgh or the surrounding area.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime in Pittsburgh, or anywhere in Allegheny County, it is important that you hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer immediately.  I will take the time to understand your case inside and out.  I have successfully represented individuals in Bail Bond Hearings, Preliminary Hearings, ARD, Plea Hearings, and Trials.  Contact my office for a no obligation consultation.  Time is of the essence if you have been charged, are facing a bench warrant, or think charges are coming.