I am a Criminal Defense Attorney in Western Pennsylvania.  That means I know how to help wipe your criminal record clean.  Everyone in life makes mistakes.  Everyone deserves a second chance.  Pennsylvania gives people who are charged with crimes a second chance through a process called Expungement.  It is almost like wiping the slate clean of your crimes.  Under the Pennsylvania Criminal Code, minor crimes, charges, and cases that end in “Not Guilty” or “Dismissed” are generally eligible for Expungement.  However, not every crime and not every person is eligible.  As a Criminal Defense Attorney in Pittsburgh, PA, I am able to advise you on your eligibility and walk you through the Expungement process.

The process of Expungement in Pennsylvania can be more useful than most people realize.  While you are not able to expunge a felony crime conviction, if you are found “Not Guilty,” you are able to expunge your charge record.  The process of Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition allows you to expunge certain misdemeanor crimes.  The conviction record of summary offenses may be expunged in certain cases.  Also, the Expungement process may be used to clear up an involuntary commitment under section 302 of the mental health code.

There are numerous reasons why someone would want to expunge a criminal record or a mental health record.  First, it helps with employment.  Most employers run background checks on new people.  Expungement will prevent the employer from seeing your past criminal offenses.  The same goes for college applications.  One mistake can hurt your education.  But, Expungement may provide you with a second chance.  Sometimes, in cases involving special certifications like Commercial Driver’s Licenses or Real Estate Licenses, Expungement is necessary in order to keep your job.  Finally, in situations involving mental health confinement under 302, Expungement may give you back your gun rights.

If you are interested in Expungement, give my office a call.  I will take the time to speak with you regarding your individual situation and evaluate your eligibility for Expungement.  If you are eligible, I will help you through the process of wiping your criminal mistakes off of your record.  Give me a call at (412) 209-0657.