We take time to understand your case inside and out, and walk you through the whole legal process.


We have traveled to many of the Magistrate Offices in Allegheny County and know the local rules and procedures.

As an attorney with the law firm of Morrow and Artim, P.C., I represent clients charged with crimes or involved in contract disputes.  I also assist in matters of consumer protection, including credit card defense and lemon law.  Once you are my client, I work every angle of your case looking at the facts, the evidence, and the law.  I work diligently applying the facts, evidence, and the law to bring you the best possible result in your case.  My practice extends all over Western Pennsylvania including Pittsburgh, Beaver, Butler, Wasington, Greensburg, Meadville, and Erie.

From early on in my career, I was representing clients charged with assaults, DUI’s, drug crimes, and sex crimes.  Before Morrow and Artim, P.C., I represented those who could not afford private legal services through the West Virginia Clinical Law Program and the West Virginia Public Defenders Office.  In those positions, I gained invaluable experience and exposure to different areas of law.

From West Virginia, I joined a small firm north of Pittsburgh.  There, I worked alongside a general practitioner who covered just about any area of law that came through the door.  I appeared for him in court on matters of criminal defense, contract disputes, personal injury, social security, divorce, and bankruptcy.

Since opening my practice with the firm in 2010, I have successfully represented clients charged with crimes at all stages of the criminal process.  I have appeared at bond hearings to make sure my clients do not sit in jail until the case is over.  I have represented clients at preliminary hearings, where the cases have been dismissed for lack of evidence.  When necessary, I have helped clients obtain ARD or taken their cases to trial to fight for their rights.

The consumer protection practice of Morrow and Artim, P.C. also brings a lot of breach of contract claims like credit card claims, mortgage foreclosures, and business contracts, to name a few.  I have represented clients on both sides of the case, winning thousands of dollars and saving thousands of dollars.  Whether the case ends through settlement, or I have to appear at a hearing or trial, I will use every avenue to win your case from start to finish.

Matthew E. Becker, Esq. Morrow and Artim, P.C.
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