I was reminded this week of why consumers need attorneys for their car issues.  Nobody loves calling an attorney.  A lot of people are scared of going to court.  However, the right attorney can make your case smooth and painless, and win at the same time.  Especially when you are dealing with a dishonest car dealership.

Months ago, we were hired by a woman in New Castle, Pennsylvania to assist her in getting her money back for a bad car she purchased.  The facts were a little different.  She bought one car, had problems, and convinced the dealership to trade it in for another car.  If the new used car was a good car, then we wouldn’t have had a case.  That’s what a dealership is supposed to do.  However, the new used car was a piece of junk, of course.  So, we sued.

The case itself was a small case.  We primarily accepted it because we wanted to help this young single mother who was out $2,500.00.  And, we did.  We won her case.  Unfortunately, because the Magistrate decided not to follow the law, we were not successful in recovering our client’s full damages.  Seeing the results of the case, I couldn’t help but think to myself that our client wouldn’t have prevailed at all if she tried to go to court herself.  Even with case law and statutory law in hand, the Magistrate still didn’t follow the law.

When I called our client to deliver the good and bad news, she was shocked and scared.  She didn’t know what to do.  Sure, we won, but she will still be out a lot of money and stuck with a car that will far exceed its value to have it repaired.  Thankfully, we have an automatic right to an appeal.  We can take her case to the next level and have another trial in front of three attorneys who will be better apt to follow the law.  Without us, she wouldn’t have known what to do with the bad Magistrate Judgment.

Not all attorneys are as mean and money hungry as you might think.  The great thing about our consumer practice is that we are able to help most clients at little or no cost to them.  The Consumer Protection Laws of Pennsylvania allow us to ask the court to make the other side pay our attorney fees.  So, often times, the client doesn’t have to pay for us even when we win.