Pennsylvania law requires a a dealership to reveal certain defects or conditions that exist in your used car before you buy it.  However, unless you are trained at seeing these issues, you cannot rely on the dealership to follow the law.  Because of that unfortunate fact, most pre-existing conditions are not actually discovered until after the car is purchased.  In most cases, you have to be able to prove the condition existed at the time of sale.  This becomes more and more difficult the further you are from the date of purchase.  As such, the timing of your call to our office is incredibly important.

Let’s look at a common example.  You go to a used car lot, find a car you are interest in, and take it for a test drive.  During the test drive, you have no issues, everything sounds great, and you decide to buy the car.  You finalize the purchase, drive home, and the next day your check engine light comes on.  You take the car to your mechanic who tells you that your transmission is bad and it will cost $2,000.00 or more to replace it.

Under these circumstance, you need to call our office right away.  If the transmission is bad the day after purchase, then it was likely bad at the time of purchase, and the dealership did something to the engine to hide it during your test drive.  Trust us, this really happens.  We need to bring a legal claim against the dealership before you fix your transmission.  Otherwise, we will be left without a legal claim and you will be out another few thousand dollars.

Let’s assume for a second that your check engine light doesn’t come on the next day, but the transmission starts to give you problems 2 months after purchase.  This is a completely different situation.  Now, there is a very slim chance we can relate that transmission problem back to the time you bought the car.  In this case, you don’t have any legal recourse and you will have to pay for the repairs.

If you want to protect your rights, you have to give us a call at the time your car starts to give you problems.  Let us evaluate your case for free.  We will tell you quickly if you have a case, don’t have a case, or if we need more information.  Don’t bother calling the dealership, they won’t help you.  We will.